Boston Pizza Festival Vendor Application

Vendor Info Please Read Carefully

Please note this is an application only. We DO NOT guarantee participation in the 2017 BOSTON PIZZA FESTIVAL.
When you press submit we will review your application and contact you within 24 hours. We are receiving a lot of applications and only have a limited amount of space in the event. When you are selected for the event you will receive a contract. Review, sign, and submit the contract to address provided.
If selected you will be part of the first pizza festival in Boston. We have a massive audience on social media and expect to have crowds of people attending the event. In preparation for the event we expect you to make A LOT of PIZZA. We advise you to be completely prepared when deciding to take part in this event. That includes food preparation and staffing. If selected we will work together to get you the Boston Temp. Food Permit and make sure you are ready for the big weekend.
Another perk to consider when deciding to become a vendor for the event. If selected we will visit your location with a team and create a short video of you and your pizza. We will then post the video on our Facebook page where we have already made over 1.5 Million impressions to date. We will market your restaurant/pizzeria and help generate momentum before the event. Your video will be seen by our entire following.
If selected, any further advertisements for your restaurant/pizzeria will be available. We look forward to meeting you.
Vendor Application

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